Malesoulmakeup - Queer Culture Diary - A point of view about gender social (de)construction and visual art.
Sean Bohary by Bettina Rheims

The Garden Book by Patty Owens, 2014.
Fashion* Patty
Tamara de Lempicka
Crystal Castle - Transgender
The House of LaBejia Chantal Regnault
Disco Smack
Henri Matisse
Lauren Bacall studying at home, with her mother behind her

Patty Owens
Cover Diary, Summer 2014.

Robin Williams, Mrs Doubtfire, 1993.
Uganda Pride, 9 August 2014.
The fisrt Pride Parade after the anti-gay law overturned.
Some Ugandas are gay. Get over it!
Gloria Swanson
Think Africa and Queer Makeup
Vintage Queer Navy Party