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Happy birthday to Barbra Streisand
Jodie Foster & Alexandra Edison Just Married.
look at the Jodie Foster queer photogallery in wordpress
Happy birthday to John Waters - 22 april
Ambra & Gianni Boncompagni, 1994
22 Aprile. Buon compleanno Ambra Angiolini
Grace Jones
Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon by Annie Leibovitz, 1995.
Francesco Paolo Catalano as to David Bowie, 2014

ID - Francesco Paolo Catalano
When I married, I was 23 years old and there was the springtime. 
Allen Warren, Gloria Swanson, New York, 1972
Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci
Andy Warhol Self Portrait, 1978
Just Married for Tom Ford and Richard Buckley
Sade Adu